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Guitarist. Composer. Producer.

Originally from Moldova, I am a professional guitarist, composer, and producer, who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2022. Currently based in Atlanta, GA, I specialize in music production with rock/classical and electronic elements. My main inspiration comes from film/media and metal music. 


I have an ongoing collaboration with Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands, where I started as a studio assistant and currently serve as liaison manager for Wisseloord in the US. You can listen to the arrangements I collaborated on at Wisseloord here, which were licensed out to local media companies. 

I currently co-develop and direct the audio team for a new immersive sim game called "Athanasia" in collaboration with Canadian developer Momentum Games, set to be released Fall 2024. 

Adding to my repertoire, I bring my talents as a guitarist to the live band of alternative rock musician Silent Child. We play his original music at various venues across Atlanta, GA.

I share my musical knowledge by teaching guitar/music production at two music schools while also spinning tracks and curating unforgettable experiences at weddings and private events as an emcee and DJ through booking agency DJ Connection on the weekends.

Open to potential collaborations, I welcome inquiries and connections for ventures aligned with my passion and expertise. Feel free to get in touch.



Никто (Nikto) - Single

This is my latest single that I released under the alter ego ABZ in April 2024. This track started from a sound design session of me tweaking my Korg MS-20. I patched it through a bunch of guitar pedals to create cool ambient sounds and began sketching out an arrangment for this track. This is the first one where I featured vocals of myself. I wrote the lyrics in Russian as it culturally represents me personally and offers a personal connection. I also felt having it in a language other than English would add to the mystery of this cinematic style synth-wave track. 

One Credit - Single

This is a DnB single that I released under the alter ego ABZ in October 2023. This track marks a thrilling departure from my usual style. A fusion of Drum and Bass (DnB) and breakbeat, it was produced earlier in July 2023 and has finally made its debut on various streaming platforms.


The journey behind this track is as unique as its sound. Inspired by a marathon 10-hour listening session of nonstop Drum and Bass music, I was driven with the desire to experiment and explore new horizons in my music, pushing the boundaries of my creativity both sonically and aesthetically.

What truly sets this release apart is the visually stunning music video, which was filmed in the vibrant city of London. To achieve a futuristic aesthetic, I incorporated a 3D printed mask, adding an intriguing dimension to the video that perfectly complements the track's cutting-edge vibe.

This single encapsulates not only the evolution of my artistic expression but also the exciting artistic journey I embarked on, fueled by an insatiable passion for music. 

A Measure of Rapture
Solo EP Project

This is a three-song solo EP that I wrote, recorded, and produced in Summer 2022. I implement orchestral instruments into a metal song structure. A heavy use of strings and harpsichord achieve an evocative neoclassic sound and dramatic effect. For these works, I drew inspiration from Dutch artist Mendel Bij De Leij's metal productions.


Chase Cue - "Iron Man" (2008) - 0:00-0:57

High-Intensity Action - "2012" (2009) - 0:58-1:40

Trailer "Troy" (2004)  - 1:41-2:32

Magic and Fantasy - "Once Upon A Time" (2011) - 2:33-3:18

Horror - "House of Usher" (2006) - 3:20-3:57

Ballad - "Sense and Sensibility" (1995) - 3:58-4:41

Sad Cue - "Robin Hood" (2009) - 4:41-5:44

Suspense - "Iron Man" (2008) - 5:44-6:35

This is a compilation of various film music I wrote in 2022 spanning across high intensity action, horror, ballads, and suspense.


These compositions were written over already released media from various film distribution companies - hence the obvious watermarks for the film content.


Most of the clips I used were deleted cuts that never made it into the final film.


The purpose of this video is to showcase my compositional work and orchestral mockup skills.

These are purely transformative works. A unreleased personal project.

Mix Media Video Game Trailer

I created this game trailer for Momentum Games using demo footage from the Athanasia game. I recorded and edited the game scenes. I then implemented suitable music and sound effects, which I aligned with the game play. 

Live Performance
Andrew Klang Band

Originally live-streamed on Twitch, this is a short video of our band performing live at The Burren venue in Boston, MA. I am playing lead guitar. 


Solo guitar cover project from Andy James' Solo Album.

Collaboration cover project with @DJReallyRyan at Wisseloord Studios. I played bass. 

Collaboration cover project with @Shovek Basu. Dual guitar solo from one of my favorite Opeth songs.

Live take of Lamb Of God's Now You've Got Something To Die For. Collaboration project, where I covered the guitar part. 

Working alongside:

Carson Ezell - Drums

Anthony Rocazella - Bass

Veronica Robledo - Vocals

Franz Nardone - Rec/Mix Engineer 

Arnaud Hoennige - Guitars

For more videos check out my YouTube Channel


Follow @abzaudio for my latest videos and production updates!



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