Guitarist. Composer. Producer.

Originally from Moldova, I am a professional guitarist, composer, and producer, having recently graduated from Berklee College of Music. Currently based in Boston, I specialize in music production with rock/classical/electronic elements. My main inspiration comes from film/media and metal music. 


I have an ongoing collaboration with Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands, where I started as a studio assistant and currently serve as liaison manager for Wisseloord in the US. You can listen to the arrangements I collaborated on at Wisseloord here, which were licensed out to local media companies. 

I currently co-develop and direct the audio team for a new immersive sim game called "Athanasia" in collaboration with Canadian developer Momentum Games, set to be released Fall 2022. 

I also play guitar as part of the Andrew Klang Band. We perform live at shows all around Boston with a primarily rock/pop set list. 

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A Measure of Rapture
Solo EP Project

This is a three-song solo EP that I wrote, recorded, and produced in Summer 2022. I implement orchestral instruments into a metal song structure. A heavy use of strings and harpsichord achieve an evocative neoclassic sound and dramatic effect. For these works, I drew inspiration from Dutch artist Mendel Bij De Leij's metal productions.

Mix Media Video Game Trailer

I created this game trailer for Momentum Games using demo footage from the Athanasia game. I recorded and edited the game scenes. I then implemented suitable music and sound effects, which I aligned with the game play. 

Live Performance
Andrew Klang Band

Originally live-streamed on Twitch, this is a short video of our band performing live at The Burren venue in Boston, MA. I am playing lead guitar. 


Solo guitar cover project from Andy James' Solo Album.

Collaboration cover project with @DJReallyRyan at Wisseloord Studios. I played bass. 

Collaboration cover project with @Shovek Basu. Dual guitar solo from one of my favorite Opeth songs.

Live take of Lamb Of God's Now You've Got Something To Die For. Collaboration project, where I covered the guitar part. 

Working alongside:

Carson Ezell - Drums

Anthony Rocazella - Bass

Veronica Robledo - Vocals

Franz Nardone - Rec/Mix Engineer 

Arnaud Hoennige - Guitars

For more videos check out my YouTube Channel


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