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"No think-y think, just make-y make"


- Andrei Botezat


"Despite how simplistic it may seem, this quote embodies my artistic vision. Frequently, I find myself overanalyzing every facet of a record, striving to produce what I believe the world desires in art. In reality no-one can predict if a project will be liked until it's out there. Anticipating the creation of a groundbreaking masterpiece and getting stuck on what we call "writer's block", from my experience, does nothing but hinder progress. I strive to remind myself every day that my job is to create not to judge myself".  

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Artist Bio

Originally from Moldova, Andrei Botezat is a versatile musician specializing in rock, classical, and electronic music. He's an independent artist under his label ABZ Audio, drawing inspiration from film, video games, and metal music.


Pursuing his passion, Andrei earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Berklee College of Music, where his primary instrument was the guitar. During his time in Boston, he performed at numerous private events and live gigs as a member of the Andrew Klang Band, captivating audiences with a dynamic blend of rock and pop music. Today, he serves as the lead guitarist for Atlanta's alternative rock sensation Silent Child.


Beyond the stage, Andrei lends his creative talents to video game development. He is the composer and sound designer behind "Athanasia," an innovative immersive simulation game currently being developed by Canadian company Momentum Games.


With an international footprint, Andrei collaborates closely with Wisseloord Academy in Hilversum, Netherlands. He provides online masterclasses in pro audio tools to Wisseloord Academy students and serves as liaison for Wisseloord in the US. You can listen to the arrangements Andrei collaborated on at Wisseloord here, which were licensed out to local media companies. 


Sharing his passion for music and technology, Andrei is a dedicated educator, imparting his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of musicians. His teaching philosophy embraces modern methods and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that his students receive a solid foundation and access to the latest tools and techniques in the world of music.

To get in touch about possible collaborations, feel free to get in touch.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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